Burn Boss Checklist

Last minute calls

  • Check fire weather and smoke forecast.
  • Call Sheriff or local fire coordinator.
  • Call DPS if smoke is predicted to cross hwy.


  • Ignition Equipment
  • Matches
  • First Aid kits
  • Water for crew
  • Check radios and review protocol
  • Map for each member of the fire crew
  • Fire unit and boundaries discussed
  • Purpose of burn
  • Anticipated fire and smoke behavior
  • Review of equipment and troubleshooting
  • Fire crew assignments and duties
  • Fire unit hazards discussed
  • Check crew qualifications
  • Review methods of ignition, holding, communication
  • Review contact with public and traffic concerns
  • Location of vehicles, keys and combination to gates, nearest phones, etc.
  • Location of back up equipment, supplies, and additional water
  • Fire crew safety, water and food
  • Answer questions from fire crew

Problem areas: _________________________________________