Personal Gear and Safety


  1. All cotton clothing, including underwear.
  2. Felt hat or cotton cap.
  3. Leather boots with leather soles.
  4. Handkerchief.
  5. Goggles to eyes smoke free.
  6. Boxes of matches, compass, map
  7. Good pair of wire cutters capable of cutting through barbed wire.
  8. Pocket knife.
  9. Gloves


  1. Drink plenty of water. Carry water with you at all times.
  2. NEVER get caught in front of the fire front.
  3. Take a couple of energy bars with you.
  4. Be sure that you understand the equipment you are using. DO not be embarrassed to ask questions about the use of the equipment.
  5. Watch out for signs of exhaustion on you and your fire crew.
  6. Watch out for hot branches on the ground.
  7. Be aware of where you are walking to avoid stumbling.
  8. Make safety a priority prior to, during and after a burn.