Know your subordinates and look out for their well-being

  • Put the safety of your subordinates above all other objectives.
  • Take care of your subordinate’s needs.
  • Resolve conflicts between individuals on the team.

Keep your subordinates informed

  • Provide accurate and timely briefings.
  • Give the reason (intent) for assignments and tasks.
  • Make yourself available to answer questions at  appropriate times.

Build the team

  • Conduct frequent debriefings with the team to identify lessons learned.
  • Recognize individual and team accomplishments and reward them appropriately.
  • Apply disciplinary measures equally.

Employ your subordinates in accordance with their capabilities

  • Observe human behavior as well as fire behavior.
  • Provide early warning to subordinates of tasks they will be responsible for.
  • Consider team experience, fatigue, and physical limitations when accepting assignments.