A partial list of sprouting and non-sprouting woody plants.


A partial list of sprouting and non-sprouting woody plants

Forbs: Perennial forbs are broad leafed species that regrow their leaves and stems each year. Forbs have regenerative structures that are similar to woody plants, but also some that are unique. For example, some species of forbs have oerennial stolons, some rhizomes, and some have dormant buds located on the roots. All of these reproductive structures provide forbs with the ability to quickly resprout after fire. If fire occurs during the growing season, death of the apical meristems removes inhibition of subsurface buds and new shoots form. However, if fire occurs when forbs are seasonally dormant, fire does not remove the source of inhibition because above ground leaves and stems are cured and dormant. Annual forbs may be killed by fire after they germinate and enhanced by fire if burning occurs before germination.