Living With Texas Fire

1. Burn Plan
Key steps to planning and implementing a prescribed burn, while avoiding liability (Living with Texas Fire: Video 1 of 24)

2. Communications, Radios, & Maps
Use of radios and cell phones on prescribed burns and how to identify burn units (Living with Texas Fire: Video 2 of 24)

3. Drip Torch Safety
Proper techniques to adjust and utilize a drip torch on a prescribed burn (Living with Texas Fire: Video 3 of 24)

4. Drip Torch Troubleshooting
Maintenance and in the field management for drip torch performance issues (Living with Texas Fire: Video 4 of 24)

5. Fire Application
The role of fire in native Texas vegetation and plant communities (Living with Texas Fire: Video 5 of 24)

6. Fire Tools
Common tools on a prescribed burn to improve fire safety and control (Living with Texas Fire: Video 6 of 24)

7. Fire Weather Forecast, Interpreting Fire Weather
Where to find a fire weather forecast and how to interpret fire weather descriptions (Living with Texas Fire: Video 7 of 24)

8. Historic Role Of Fire
Dr. Butch Taylor describes how native Texas plant communities evolved with frequent fire (Living with Texas Fire: Video 8 of 24)

9. Ignition Techniques
Prescribed burn techniques to implement within certain situations and under distinct weather variables (Living with Texas Fire: Video 9 of 24)

10. Landowners Perspective On Prescribed Burns
Texas producers talk about the role of fire on their beef cattle operations (Living with Texas Fire: Video 10 of 24)

11. On Site Weather
Tools to record fire weather measurements and importance of taking frequent weather measurements (Living with Texas Fire: Video 11 of 24)

12. Prescribed Burn Associations
Prescribed Burn Associations are dedicated to promoting the safe implementation of prescribed burns (Living with Texas Fire: Video 12 of 24)

13. Prescribed Burns Effects on Livestock
How prescribed burns improve forage quality and quantity for grazing livestock (Living with Texas Fire: Video 13 of 24)

14. Prescribed Burns Effects on Wildlife
Recently burned areas improve wildlife habitat conditions (Living with Texas Fire: Video 14 of 24)

15. Proper Fuel Mix
How to properly mix drip torch fuel for prescribed burns (Living with Texas Fire: Video 15 of 24)

16. Protective Clothing
Appropriate attire to wear on a prescribed burn (Living with Texas Fire: Video 16 of 24)

17. Sprayer Rigs
Recommended equipment for implementation of prescribed burns (Living with Texas Fire: Video 17 of 24)

18. Types Of Fire Behavior
Differences among head fires, back fires, and flank fires (Living with Texas Fire: Video 18 of 24)

19. Who To Contact Before Burning
Recommended calls to make prior to implementing prescribed burns in Texas (Living with Texas Fire: Video 19 of 24)

20. Wildfire Mitigation
How prescribed burning mitigates wildfires (Living with Texas Fire: Video 20 of 24)

21. Great Plains Fire Science Exchange
GPFSE is a network of landowners, managers, practitioners, and scientists, interest in the fire-dependent grassland ecosystems of the Great Plains Region. (Living with Texas Fire: Video 21 of 24)

22. Planning Weather Conditions
Picking the most appropriate weather conditions to accomplish the goals and objectives of the prescribed burn, for example, burning prickly pear or burning during a drought. (Living with Texas Fire: Video 22 of 24)

23. Using Goats with Fire
This video showcases how to combat juniper or cedar, especially Redberry Juniper, through the integration of fire and post-fire targeted grazing with goats. (Living with Texas Fire: Video 23 of 24)

24. The Importance of Burning
Prescribed burning is very important to the rangelands of Texas and the removal of fire in our ecosystems has greatly altered our native plant communities and fire regimes. (Living with Texas Fire: Video 24 of 24)