Probability of Ignition Table

  1. Using Table A, determine Reference Fuel Moisture (RFM) from intersection of temperature and relative humidity. Record this RFM percentage.
  2. Select Table B, C, or D to adjust RFM for local conditions by finding current month in table title.
    • Are the fine fuels more than 50 shaded by canopies and clouds? If yes, use bottom (shaded) portion of table. If no, use top (exposed) portion of table.
    • Determine the appropriate row based on aspect and slope. Determine the appropriate column-based on time of day and elevation of area of concern when compared to the wx site elevation.
    • Obtain the Dead Fuel Moisture Content Correction (%) from the intersection of row and column.
  3. Add the resulting Dead Fuel Moisture Content Correction (%) to the Reference Fuel Moisture

Probability of Ignition