Reference Fuel Moisture Adjustment Tables

The table, below, will adjust fuel moisture for temperature, relative humidity, aspect of slope and degree of shade from clouds. After you have determined the fuel moisture in the top table, by finding the dry bulb temperature (current temperature) (F) and the relative humidity at a point in time. This value is increased by adding the appropriate value from the bottom two tables. The middle table is the May – July and the bottom table for the rest of the year. Find the slop in the appropriate table and the time of day and note the adjustment value. Add the value in the bottom tables to the fuel moisture determined by the top table.

NOTE: An estimate of fuel moisture can be obtained by dividing the Relative Humidity by 5.

Example: If the relative humidity is 62% then the estimated fuel moisture of 62 / 5 = 12.4% moisture.

Reference Fuel Moisture Adjustment Table




Fire Severity Related to Fuel Moisture